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Healthcare Across All Segments

ORIGINALLY AIRED MARCH 2023 – This year 2023 represents a critical year for health care. There are issues that are facing health care which are unique and are critical to be addressed. These issues include security, Tech Debt, Windows 11, modern management, entitlements, personas, and the technology refresh cycles. The budgeting process may, or may not, include addressing all of these areas and lifecycle elements.

Please join a team of subject matter experts including – Jeff Malec, HP Lifecycle Subject Matter Expert, Cody Gerhardt, HP Distinguished Technology and Chief Technologist, and Bruce Michelson, HP Distinguished Technologist Emeritus, as they discuss how to approach these challenges.

This will be a fast paced 30 minute webcast focused on health care from all sectors – Federal, state, education, commercial and enterprise, that could change your thinking about 2023.