Mission 1 Reps

Welcome back to Triple Blitz. Tasks in this half will link out to material you can share with your customers as well as word document versions of any video scripts. These can be downloaded to be referenced or studied for your calls. They are also editable. If you have a different approach to some part of the video, or if the technology changes, you can update the script accordingly. For this half we will dig into the latest Windows 11 features, Microsoft Teams improvements, post pandemic hybrid workspaces and modern management methodologies that will benefit your customers.

Module 1 Mission 1
step 1 Mission 1: Task 1  
step 2 Mission 1: Task 2  
step 3 Mission 1: Task 3  
step 4 Mission 1: Task 4  
step 5 Mission 1: Task 5  
step 6 Mission 1: Quiz  
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